LGBTQ in SRJC Academics

Courses with LGBTQ Content or Focus

The College hosts a variety of courses with a focus LGBTQ issues, or with content focusing on LGBTQ individuals. See below for a preview of these courses.
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English 36: LGBT Arts and Literature
Location: Santa Rosa Campus

"Reading, discussion and writing about significant LGBT writers and artists and their works from antiquity to present. The course uses both a thematic and historical approach to the literature and arts including the study of poetry, short stories, novels, plays, cinema, music, biographies, coded texts, and political essays."


Health and Wellness, HLE5, Instructor: Ezbon Jen
Location: Santa Rosa Campus

Description of course: "Examination of current health issues and application of health behavior theories to everyday life situations and decisions. Topics such as fitness, diet, stress, substance abuse, sexuality, as well as environmental health are explored and discussed. Focus on student evaluation of practices and attitudes that affect their health status throughout life."


Psychology of Gender,PSYCH 40, Instructor: Mary Polstra
Location: Santa Rosa Campus

Description of course: "An examination of the research and theory from psychology and related fields evaluate the behavioral, biological, social, and cultural foundations in which women and men function. This course will explore classical and contemporary views of gender role on individual development and relationships."


SOC3, Instructor: Jamie Wright
Location: Santa Rosa Campus

Description of course: "This course is an introduction to the sociological study of face-to-face interaction, exploring the social factors that influence how we see ourselves and how we manage or presentations of self to others"


Psych 3, Human Sexuality, Instructors: Dr. J. Davis Mannino, Dr Brenda Flyswithhawks, Erin Sullivan, PhD
Location: Santa Rosa and Petaluma Campus

Description: "This course examines the biological, psychological, and social science of human sexuality. Major areas of examination will include the history and science sexology; male and female anatomy and physiology; sexual arousal and response; relationships, intimacy and communication, conception and contraception, sexually transmitted infections; and coercive sexuality and exploration."


Coun 20, Sex and Gender, Instructors: Jocelyn Arild M.A., M.S.
Location: Santa Rosa Campus

Description: "This course is an exploration of gender and sexuality in U.S culture. Topics include: definitions of femininity and masculinity in popular culture , contemporary and traditional sex roles, male and female stereotypes and issues related to sexual orientation, gender and sexual discrimination (sexism, homophobia, sexual harassment, etc.). The relationship between gender and sex and other aspects of our personal and social identities, such as race/ethnicity, age, physical disabilities will be examined. Cross-cultural comparisons of non-western societies' views of sex and gender identities will be explored."


PSYCH 34, The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination, Instructors: Downey W, Flyswithhawks
Location: Santa Rosa Junior campus

Description: "This course examines systems of privilege, oppression, and institutionalized discrimination that influence and help maintain perceptions of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, and their psychological consequences. Racism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism are the major areas addressed with an emphasis on Native, African, Mexican/Latino, and Asian/Pacific Island American populations. Social movements organized within and among racial and ethnic groups that address institutional inequalities in U.S. society will also be analyzed."

Report an Unlawful Discrimination Incident on campus

LGBTQ students, faculty and workers should all feel comfortable and safe while attending the SRJC, and many LGBTQ folks have not known where to report unlawful incidents experienced on campus.

If you need to report an incident, please complete the Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Form and submit it to Human Resources.
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