What we aspire to:

In alignment with the SRJC Vision and Values, the LGBTQ+ President’s Advisory Committee strives to be a catalyst for change within our college community. We model a caring and supportive attitude through collegiality and mutual respect. We cultivate joy in our workplace by offering enrichment activities, professional development, and community engagement opportunities. We serve as leaders who embrace multiple perspectives while creating an inclusive and diverse college community where all are welcome. 

Report an Unlawful Discrimination Incident on campus

LGBTQ students, faculty and workers should all feel comfortable and safe while attending the SRJC, and many LGBTQ folks have not known where to report unlawful incidents experienced on campus.

If you need to report an incident, please complete the Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Form and submit it to Human Resources.
For more information, go to: https://hr.santarosa.edu/district-compliance.